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Recording of the session here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIJIOJWb4Pg

Event details

The South Centre is holding a series of webinars on emerging trends related to free trade agreements (FTAs) and investment agreements that impact public health. The goal is to generate awareness, share experiences and expand knowledge for academics, policymakers and negotiators in ongoing and/or future negotiations. After our first webinar focused on investment treaties and IP, this webinar examines the EU, USA, and China’s recent experiences.


Ellen ‘t Hoen (Medicines Law and Policy & Global Health Law Group, Law Faculty, University of Groningen): EU TRIPS Plus demands in FTAs

Ruth Okediji (Harvard University)

Sean Flynn (American University, Washington): The US position at the TRIPS waiver, USTR’s pressure and the issue of copyrights

Peter Yu (Texas A&M): China’s IP System between RCEP, CAI and CTPPP

Carlos M. Correa (South Centre): Special Section 301 – US Interference with the Design and Implementation of National Patent Laws

Moderator: Viviana Muñoz-Tellez (South Centre)

Debate will deal with the following questions:

– What is ‘new’ and what is a ‘continuation’ of previous positions, norms, and negotiating patterns deployed by the USA, EU, and China in trade and investment agreements? What is their potential impact on the issue of access to medical products?

– How does this new landscape affect negotiations and the position of developing countries, both when negotiating new agreements and responding to pressures by such countries? Are there any policy recommendations/strategies for developing countries’ negotiators and policymakers?

– Does the Covid-19 pandemic offer new opportunities and challenges for the negotiation dynamics and outcomes?


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