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Training of Patent Examiners on Patents and Public Health, 13-14 February 2020, Chennai, India

Event details

The South Centre and India Patent Office are organizing a workshop for patent examiners with a focus on the exchange of experiences on the application of rigorous patentability criteria for the examination of pharmaceutical patents. Participants in this workshop will be patent examiners from Indian Patent Office in Chennai. This workshop will aim to exchange views on examination policies, compatible with the TRIPS Agreement, regarding cases where patent applications cover subject matter that does not deserve the grant of a patent. The objective of the workshop is to present analysis of international experiences and exchange of information on examination policies and practices concerning pharmaceutical patent applications, from a public health perspective. The workshop will respond to growing concerns about the proliferation of patents that protect minor, and in some cases obvious, variants of existing drugs or processes (such as changes in the drug formulation, salts, esters, ethers, isomers, polymorphs of known molecules, combinations of a known drug with other known drugs).

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