Publications: Research Papers

Eighteen Years After Doha: An Analysis of the Use of Public Health TRIPS Flexibilities in Africa
Research Paper 103, February 2020

Yousuf A Vawda and Bonginkosi Shozi

Second Medical Use Patents – Legal Treatment and Public Health Issues
Research Paper 101, December 2019

Clara Ducimetière
Medicines and Intellectual Property: 10 Years of the WHO Global Strategy
Research Paper 100, December 2019

Dr. Germán Velásquez
The International Debate on Generic Medicines of Biological Origin
Research Paper 82, November 2017

Germán Velásquez
Hepatitis C Treatment: A Global Problem
Research Paper 77, May 2017

Germán Velásquez
The Bolar Exception: Legislative Models and Drafting Options
Research Paper 66, March 2016

Carlos M. Correa
Guidelines on Patentability and Access to Medicines
Research Paper 61, March 2015

Germán Velásquez